2017 Total Solar eclipse pictures and videos

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Solar eclipse pictures and videos from 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

- A fabulous eclipse video from Warm Springs, OR

- It has captured Bailey's beads, chromosphere, prominence, and other features from the eclipse

A South Korean team of astronomy photographers took this video at Warm Springs, OR. It presents us the amazing features of the sun such as Bailey's beads, solar chromosphere, and solar prominences. The image quality is simply beyond our imagination. 

You can see a thin scarlet rim around a black disk of the Moon. It is the solar chromosphere that is the lowest part of the solar atmosphere and surrounds the sun outside the photosphere. The flamelike scarlet tongue emerging from the chromosphere is the solar prominences that are the eruption of solar plasma into the solar corona. Just before and after the totality, you can see some brilliant sparkles from the rim of the Moon. That is because the sunlight passing through the valleys on the Moon looks more brilliant and it is called Bailey's Beads. 

2017 North America Total Solar Eclipse Close-up Real-time 4K from ByoungJun Jeong on Vimeo.

Credit: Junho Oh and Byoungjun Jeong,

The followings are the pictures and videos by other South Korean photographers on the total solar eclipse 2017. 

Youngwoo Cho 



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