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2018.08.02 05:02

Ketobe Knob Thrust fault

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Ketobe Knob Thrust fault

- A large thrust fault near Cedar Mountain, Utah, USA

#Fault, #ReverseFault, #ThrustFault, #Overthrust

Ketobe Knob, a reverse fault (thrust fault) system at Cedar Mountain, the northwestern extent of San Rafael Swell within the western bounds of the Colorado Plateau, Emery County, Utah, USA. The author is at the center of the image for the scale.

Youngwoo Cho Photography: Science Photography &emdash; Ketobe Knob thrust fault

Ketob Knob, a thrust fault system, Utah, USA. (c) Youngwoo Cho, 2018

Mainly sandstones and some of the conglomerate layers, formed during the Middle to the Late Jurassic, tongued near the fault. The light-colored member of the Curtis Formation is on top of the red Entrada Sandstone. It contains several fault planes and drag folds. The vertical offset of the most obvious fault is approximately 10 meters. The fault may be attributed to the Sevier orogeny (Neuhauser, 1988). 

Neuhauser, K. R. (1988). Sevier-age ramp-style thrust faults at Cedar Mountain, northwestern San Rafael swell(Colorado Plateau), Emery County, Utah, Geology, v.16, p.299-302

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